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30 School Buildings project

14 Schools Buildings Project

Al Samawa Water Pipeline Project

Darbandikhan Dam Study & Design

Adhaim Dam Rehabilitation Project

PLC Remote Monitoring and Operation System

East Tigris Wastewater Project

Hor Ibn Najm

Irrigation System Saladin Governorate

Cherry Tree Roads Project

Hemrreen Dam Side Slope Protection

Abu-Shkair Barrage Project

Majnoon Oilfield Pipeline

Baku Sewage Project

Baku Sewage Project

Nacap Pipeline Turkey

Nacap Pipeline Turkey

Fluxys N.V. Pipeline

Fluxys N.V. Pipeline

Strong in development and collaboration

We have a broad scale of activities consisting of: Civil Engineering, Water Management, Dewatering, Contracting, Sewage and Sludge Solutions, Pipelining, Drilling, Railway and Tramlines, Waste Management, Prefab Building Systems, Consultation, Studies and Design.

IMG_1542The exciting task to build a bridge, building or dam. The groundworks, the formworks, the concrete works and much more.


Ensuring the correct flow and distribution of water is arguably the most important task in the world.

The Netherlands is below sea level. Without proper water management, major parts of the country would still be under water. At our water management projects outside the Netherlands, we strive for the high standards made mainly in the Netherlands.

Depending on the needs and goals of our clients, we propose sustainable water management solutions of the highest quality.

Different types of pipelines require different approaches. We make sure we use the top-of-the-line equipment and modern innovative  ideas from our experts. Together with our extensive experience in a variety of drilling techniques, we are comfortable with any type of soil for every pipeline and sewerage project.


Our services are always complemented by proper studies and design. We perform this independently but also in collaboration with third parties, such as engineering and research companies, universities and individual experts.

For Civil and Structural engineering, we have partners in both the Middle-East and Europa. The Italian company Vortex Hydra has been a trusted partner with many of our large gates and locks used in our dams and barrages.

While, for water management we have found partnerships with highly skilled and experienced Dutch companies such as Royal HaskoningDHV.


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