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Koop International BV

Who we are

Koop International B.V. is a contractor and consultant specialized in tailor-made solutions for the various kind of construction and infrastructure systems.
The company was established in 2000 in the Netherlands, with the main goal to realise projects in the global market.
In the past decade, we have worked in three different continents and have expanded our expertise and field of work.

What we do

We work together with several European companies in realizing projects with our expertise in the fields of:

– Civil Engineering
– Water Management
– Dewatering
– Pipelining
– Drilling
– Infrastructure

Our turn-key solutions can also include (but are not limited to):

– Scientific Studies
– Design
– Advice and Guidance
– Supply Chain Optimisation
– Transportation

Why we do it

We are able to identify many opportunities in the different countries we work. In both the private and public sectors, in developed and developing countries.
Nonetheless, working in an international environment allows us to combine the knowledge acquired in multiple countries and apply this for environmental, societal and the client’s benefit.
We also have an experienced management team and an engineering staff that is eager to work in different places and in different countries and happily works with different timezones.

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Why choose us?

In the Netherlands, water management is an essential and ongoing process to ensure the security and well being of all its citizens. As a Dutch company, we have an imperative task to keep up with the high national standards.
Additional to that, our international focus allows us to implement knowledge acquired in different countries to ensure the best results.

To guarantee the realization of our projects, we strive to keep our technology innovative and of high quality. We choose our equipment carefully in accordance to Dutch and European norm.

Due to our experience in multiple countries and projects, we are confident with our work and always fulfill it with much pride.


Civil Engineering:
Water Management:
Pipelining and Drilling:
Studies and Design:




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