Study and Design

All our projects require their own studies and design, varying between simple reviews and verifications to full scale research studies and redesigns with its various impact assessments.

Originally, as a Dutch water management company since 1969 we have performed various studies with our water management projects, such as: hydrological studies, groundwater analysis modelling, water quality analysis and modelling, salinization risk and mitigation, agrohydrology, ecosystem analysis and more.

A few of our projects that involved water studies:


Project: Hamrreen Dam Side Slopes Protection System
Owner: UNDP Iraq
Capacity: 1400m3 Sec
Date: 2018
Location: Diyala – Iraq

Due to high waves and severe erosion, we have conducted a design, technical proposal, study and report to avoid further erosion of the 6 km long Saadia Road which crosses the Hemrreen Lake in Diyala Governorate.

Our studies included, but not limited to:

The soil report, climate conditions and wind speed analysis, modelling of wave height, calculations of wind speed and wave height, area of exposure report, calculation of the required protection weight, buried aspects of repayment, protection system of the road, Bill of Quantities and Incomat thickness calculation.

Project: Oldenzaal groundwater protection system
Municipality of Oldenzaal
Capacity: 22000  Hectare
Date: 2006
Location: Oldenzaal –Netherland


Project: Baku Sewage, water supply and sanitazion
Municipality of Baku
Capacity: 6km
Date: 2006
Location: Baku – Azerbaijan

SOW: Study, design and supply of materials for groundwater purification, waste management, water supply and sanitazion.


Title Of Project: Stream Improvement of Hamroza Deeresin
Capacity: L:3970 m
Date: 2001
Location: İstanbul

SOW: Design study, design calculation, details, Dynamics, hydrodynamics/morphodynamics of the Elmalıddere Embankment Dam in Bosporus strait.



Additionally to our extensive work in Water Management, we have expanded our expertise in the past decade to civil, structural and mechanical engineering. Independently and together with other specialized European companies we achieved the goal to expand our expertise to be able to perform larger and more complex projects.

For example, we studied and designed civil and mechanical components and equipment required for the following project:

Project: Abu-Shkair Barrage Project
Ministry of Water Resources.
Capacity: 1400m3 Sec
Date: 2011
Location: Najaf – Iraq

  • Design and Redesign of the main barrage, piers, retaining walls, navigation lock and MCs.
  • Design and calculation of a 160 meter long and 13 meter wide bridge.
  • Design and calculations of concrete piles.
  • The preparation, design, calculation and implementation of the structural and mechanical equipment of the Abu-Shkhair Barrage Project:
    • 7 radial gates with a 12 meter width and 6.5 meter height.
    • Lifting system of the radial gates.
    • Stop logs 2 sets with 12 meter width and 7 meter height.
    • Barrage stop logs upstream crane with a capacity of 20 tons.
    • Barrage stop logs downstream crane with a capacity of 25 tons.
    • 2 sets of Miter gates with a 20 meter width and 9 meter height.
    • 2 sets of navigation locks Miter gates with a 20 meter width and 9 meter height.
    • 2 sets of navigation locks stop logs with a 20 meter width and 9.5 meter height.
    • Miter gate hydraulic operating system.
    • Navigation lock stop logs upstream crane with the capacity of 60 tons.
    • Navigation lock stop logs downstream crane with the capacity of 60 tons.
    • Filling and emptying culvert gate with hydraulic operation system for navigation lock.
    • MCs gate with hydraulic operation system.
    • 4 sets of MCs stop logs.
    • 2 sets of Fish pass gates and stop logs.
    • Ship arrestor and operation system.