Engineering Team

We have an extensive staff in different countries and continents who realise our projects and we value every person in every role. Our engineering departement consists of highly skilled and flexible individuals who can fill many different roles during our projects.

Some of our senior key employees:

Dr. Raid Alshadidi

PhD: Civil Engineering- structure


  • Shear Behavior of High Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced with GFRP Bars and Strengthened by CFRP Sheets.
  • Behavior of High Strength Fiber Concrete Columns Reinforced with Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars and Strengthened by Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Wrap.
  • Effect of Membrane Forces on Ultimate Load Capacity of Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Slabs.
  • Ultimate Load Carrying Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Supported on Three Sides and Subjected to Combined Load.
  • Notes on Geology for Engineers.
  • Notes on Transportation Engineering.
  • Guide to Foundation Engineering.

Zaid Alyamoor

BSc Civil Engineering

  • Advanced Diploma in Project Management

College of Contract Management United Kingdom.

  • Professional Ethics for Engineers,

TU Delft, the Netherlands

  • Building with Nature

TU Delft, the Netherlands

  • ISO 9001-2008, Quality Management System Awareness and Internal Auditor


Our team is experienced in the studies, design and implementation of many civil en structural engineering, but also watermanagement and hydrology.
Examples of the expertise of our team:

  • Groundwater analysis modelling
  • Water quality analysis and modelling
  • Salinization risk and mitigation
  • Agrohydrology
  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Deep wells
  • Infiltration wells
  • Water wells
  • Groundwater purification
  • Concrete analysis
  • Architectural design
  • Prefab design
  • Structural engineering
  • Pipelining
  • Drilling
  • Gates and locks design and manufacturing
  • Sheet piling
  • Waste management
  • Soil analysis
  • Irrigation systems
  • Vertical dewatering
  • Horizontal dewatering
  • Road works
  • Bridge construction