Hor Ibn Najm

Hor Ibn Najm, also known as the Ibn Najm Marshes, are one of the marshes located between the governorate of Najaf, Babylon and Diwaniyah in Iraq.
The area of the marshes are approximately 24.000 hectares and are formed from streams branching of the Euphrates River. It is a major source of fresh water with an abundance of fauna and flora for the area.

In 2021, Koop International started the execution of a land reclamation project by constructing a water management system.
The project duration is aimed at 365 days.

The Hor Ibn Najm project contains:

  • Main regulator equipped with two iron Roller Gates
  • Five iron Sliding Gates
  • Fainting board crane (Stop Log)
  • Water pumping station with the capacity of 5 m3/second
  • Plankton Removing Machine
  • 15-ton Gantry Crane
  • 2.000 KVA Generator
  • 400 KVA secondary Electrical Transformer
  • Mechanical and Electrical Operation System
  • Building with a Guard Room
  • 70.000 m3 Earthworks
  • 5.000 m3 Concrete Works
  • 1.000 m2 Stonde Cladding
  • 1.300 m2 Iron Reinforcements

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