East Tigris Wastewater Project

As one of the major cities in Iraq, Basra holds an important position in the south of the country as an economic and cultural hub.
Despite having an extensive water infrastructure and facilities for a major port, water crises for potable water are becoming more common. Due to rising salinity and contaminations.

One of the strategic projects initiated by the Ministry of Water Resources of Iraq, to preserve water security in the Basra governorate, has been granted to Koop International.

The East-Tigris Wastewater Project consists of:

– The construction of a barrage with three regulator gates with the capacity of 23 cubic m/s connected to the Sweeb river.
– The creation of a new river 540m long and 100-120m wide with embankments.
– An infrastructure network for wastewater of 79km.
– The construction of six suspension bridges.
– The construction of seven box bridges for the intersections between the roads and waste canals.
– The construction of eleven Tidal Gates.