Darbandikhan Dam Study & Design

The Darbandikhan Dam is located on the Diyala River at the Strait of Darbandikhan. The 128m high and 445m wide dam holds a reservoir with around 7mln m3 of fresh water.

Due to an earthquake in 2017, the dam was damaged and is in high need of maintanance services, which will be provided by Koop International.

The first phase of this project requires us to prepare the study, evaluation and designs for stoplogs to treat the water intake gates of the dam. This is needed to avoid any emergency malfunction in one of the irrigation and energy systems. Consequently, to maintain electric power generation, control flood waves and regulate water releases for irrigation in seasons of scarcity. As well as to maintain the dam water stock.

Koop is partnering up with the World renowned Royal HaskoningDHV to realise excellent results for this project.
Together with the market leader in the Water industry, Koop will study and review reports, investigations and available data to determine causes of malfunction. Afterwards, a suitable solution will be presented for the manufacturing and installation of three steel stop logs that would enable the closing of the water intake. This would allow maintenance works to be carried out on the Caterpillar gates and the Trash Rack Groove.