Adhaim Dam Rehabilitation Project

Somewhat more than 100 kilometers north-east of the capital Baghdad, in the Salahidin Governorate, lies the Adhaim Dam.
Orginally destined as a multi-purpose dam at the Adhaim river, the Adhaim Dam currently only incorperates an enbankment, spillway and intake.

In 2021, the Ministry of Water Resources of Iraq granted Koop International a contract to rehabilitate the Adhaim Dam and the purposed irrigation system and power station.

The project consists of maintenance work to the inlet gates, the bridge cranes, the irrigation system tunnels and the hydropower tunnels. This will be followed by the preparation of the hydraulic units: the (control) valves and galvanizers. The electrical equipment: Power cables, two 400KVA transformers, two 250KVA diesel generators, camera security system, sensors and monitoring equipment.